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A young woman on the right, a young man in the middle, and a young woman on the left are standing in front of blue lockers.
Advocacy and creative passion are key to Spread the Word and we are always looking for more ways to hear and amplify the voice of every member of our community. We want to hear your stories, your concerns and your opinions. And we want others to hear them as well. Check it out below!
Yorktown High School celebrated Spread the Word >> Inclusion Day with an inclusion assembly. Students from the Best Buddies and Unified Clubs at Yorktown shared how they promote inclusion at their school and invited student organizations focusing on inclusion in other communities to join them. Visit our student toolkit to find ideas for promoting inclusion at your school!
A testimony by Paul Brooks, a Best Buddies Global Ambassador, an employee at the Bellagio Resorts and Casino through the Best Buddies Jobs program, and a Best Buddies Nevada Board Member.
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Special Olympics Montenegro hosted a Pledge to Include event on Spread the Word’s Global Day of Activation. For ideas on hosting a pledge event in your community visit our resources page.
On Spread the Word: Inclusion Day 2020, we asked members of our Special Olympics and Best Buddies communities to share what they hope inclusion will look like ten years from now. Meghan Hussey shared her hope for inclusion, "What inclusion will look like is having a generation that has grown up embracing people who are different from them." Take the pledge to include today to help build a more inclusive world.
In June of 2020, Spread the Word: Inclusion honored pride month along with Nina West, Drag Syndrome, The Trevor Project, KatnNat Podcast, and our Special Olympics and Best Buddies community. We recognize the intersecting identities, communities, and struggles of individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). In communities around the world, we call people to take a pledge to create socially inclusive spaces to learn, work, live—and love.“We all deserve a seat at the table.” -- Nina West
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This blog was originally posted on HUMAN R.A.C.E. (Respect, Accept, Change, Equality), a Special Olympics Asia Pacific platform designed for to give a voice to athletes with intellectual disabilities and the community that surrounds them. For more stories of respect, acceptance, change, and equality you can visit their website at www.humanrace.asia.
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Emma Moore, a Special Olympics Washington Unified Partner, shares her story of acceptance, both of herself and others. Emma says "tolerance and open-mindedness" are the keys to inclusion. These ideas helped Emma and those close to her as they came to accept and celebrate all identities. She also shared the need for intersectionality in media representation, saying representation is important in helping people learn and grow to become more inclusive and accepting. Watch the panel discussion Emma participated in during Pride with The Trevor Project and The Mighty here.
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The following post was written by Tim Shriver, co-founder of the Spread the Word campaign. In March of 2009, Tim and co-founder Soeren Palumbo, created this annual day of awareness that continues to be led by passionate young people, Special Olympics athletes and Best Buddies participants across the world.
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